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It’s often said that there is only one race—the human race.
Yet, incorporated within that race are many variations on a theme, and as long as diversity is a cornerstone of freedom and acceptance, there is no standard for ‘normal’.

Nearly all of us have encountered a child or young adult with Down syndrome. Whether we strive to understand or uncomfortably look away, the obvious physical and behavioral differences between them and children without a learning disability often translates into a genuine misunderstanding of their lives as individuals.

Thanks to films like The Peanut Butter Falcon, we have begun to understand that someone with Down syndrome can flourish, but this doesn’t stop us from feeling sympathetic for parents we believe face daily obstacles with their children with Down syndrome.

What is life really like for children with Down syndrome? How is their family affected on a day-to-day—even an hour-to- hour—basis? What opportunities are available to them, and most importantly, how can they assimilate in the work force and become independent?

In a new documentary film by director/producer, Keith Famie and Visionalist Entertainment Productions, we will take a touching and inspirational journey through the daily lives of children and young adults with Down syndrome and their families. We will watch as they grow and thrive in a misguided world, and we will learn how love translates into ambassadorship for this genetic anomaly.

Be prepared to weep at the struggles and rejoice at the triumphs of this unique sector of our community in a special Detroit Public Television/PBS special coming soon.

Executive Producers:

Keith Famie
John & Carole Kulhavi
Tom & Sue Rau
Anthony & Mary Schimizzi

Community Leaders:

Marvin & Betty Danto
Family Foundation

Anthony & Kristy Schena
Blake Hattermann
Charles W. Heil, Jr.
Katherine A. Siarto
Keith & Kathy Langham
Charlie & Maria Damas
Rick & Kelly Browning
Mark & Katherine Tuttle
Marie Molnar
Ted, Maria & Kevin Welgosh
Robert & Gail Bowers
Evelyn Siarto
Daniel & Michelle Acciavatti
Richard Coleman III
Mayank Vora
Kruti Goswami
Amit Kumar
Mamta Kori
Neema Patel
V. Shridhar
Nikul Patel
Kim Minnis
Mark Jaffray
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Blake Hattermann
Amanda Booth
Police Officer Labor Council
Jeff Siarto & Siarto Productions
Lidia Dane
Charles Heil Jr.
Knights of Columbus Council #5452
Patricia L. Welgs
Rosa Nuno
Vickie Van House
Janice Cutting
Suzanne Ronald
Elizabeth Miller
Cari Yarbrough
Naresh & Radha Kolli
Raghuram Matta
Srihari P. Gondi
Madhavi Chukkapaki
Gregory McIntyre
McCarthy & Smith, Inc.
William McCarthy
Thomas E. Smith, Jr.
Danielle & Aaron Ruskin
Cedar Valley Campground
Cedar Valley Golf Club
Cedar Valley's Wild Frontier Fun Park

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